Please, no more war!

I recently had a conversation with a very wise man about the war in Ukraine and how so many of us feel helpless. I asked what more I could do to help. His answer was so beautiful, I wrote it down;

There is so much you can do in your life to help to make this earth a better place; be kind to your neighbours, forgive your family, allow yourself to fall in love with everyone you meet and be thankful for the everyday blessings that you have. Whilst your head and heart is in Ukraine, (and rightly so) try not to forget about your here and now; try to Ground yourself – look at what you can do in this very moment for the person in front of you. Where’s the sense in donating money and clothes but moments later judging a stranger or degrading a family member? Losing yourself in conversations with your colleagues and neighbours about the tragedy that is happening in Ukraine, and then going home and taking for granted the blessings you still have that many in Ukraine have lost.

It is right that you should be angry at the injustices on planet earth; wise people use that anger to motivate change, they don’t fester on it or fear it.. they are productive with their anger.

You should not ‘just go on with your lives’. For as long as this injustice, this war is happening in Ukraine, you should acknowledge it, you should see it and you should be kept informed. Whilst some people are courageous enough to go to Ukraine and help directly, and others are fortunate enough to have spare money and food to donate, humankind underestimates and undervalues the difference you can make to planet earth by being more compassionate, loving humans. It is not in everyone’s journey to go to war or to be the voice of the people; many Souls are sent to earth to share their energy; they make a profound impact just by being alive. So the answer my dear is as it always is, the answer is LOVE ♡

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