Taking your Power back in the New Year

I love to learn, and as I’m getting older, I realise that every circumstance has a lesson, and the most challenging times seem to teach the greatest lessons. So I guess I’m learning to appreciate the challenging times.. but I still moan about them.

2021 has been a year full of lessons. I Iearnt the importance of being kind, compassionate and authentic no matter what the circumstance or situation. I also learnt that people will take advantage of these qualities.

I learnt that people will seemingly love and appreciate you when you are doing what they want you to do, but can quickly turn against you when you find the courage to speak for yourself, and make decisions in your best interest.

So then I wanted to try to understand why people would want to manipulate and deceive other people. I spent far longer than I should have over thinking this, but as I watched events unfold, I learnt that if your intentions are always kind and without malice, the Universe always has your back; somehow it makes events unfold in your favour. 

So when a situation appears unkind or unfair, don’t over think the ‘why’s’ or regret the love you previously gave it; be thankful for the lessons it taught you, and know that the other will learn from it too. If you can, pour more love in to it and wish it well; if you can do this, the Universe will reward you tenfold.

2021 has been a year full of lessons, 2022 is about taking your power back.

Taking your power back doesn’t have to involve  conflict or confrontation – it is not handing your notice in at that job you hate without anything to fall back on. Taking your power back is about you, no one else – its about having the courage and discipline to make everyday decisions that serve your emotional and physical wellness. Know your limits, stop eating when your full, don’t have ‘one more drink’ if you know you’re going to regret it later, don’t spend money recklessly, go to bed early so that you’re able to get up for a morning walk at the most pure part of the day. Don’t agree to attend a function or work an extra shift when you really don’t want to. Most importantly, forgive yourself!

Everytime you have the discipline to make a decision in your best interests, you are regaining your self-control – you are taking your life back. Sometimes we are bold and we make big decisions in the moment without much thought, but if we are not truly connected to our self, our power within, we will likely regret that moment of boldness. If we are patient, and focus on reconnecting to our power through our seemingly trivial everyday decision making, we begin to trust ourselves more – we begin to feel empowered. As time goes by and you do this more and more, you will find that in the long run, you are able to say ‘No’ to the big stuff without fear, regret or guilt. You are able to walk away from what no longer serves you – you are powerful and you own it with absolute clarity, authenticity and humble confidence.

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