Covid-19; A Letter From an Angry Mother

Dear human kind

I give you life, I share my home; I provide enough nutritious food to feed every being on earth, yet you choose to grotesquely feast on your brothers and sisters, causing immense suffering, pollution and disease.

You are the creator of the 6th mass extinction and you are so egotistical that you believe this won’t affect you.

You think you have control, the right to rule the lands. You think I am your toy.

You think you are more worthy than the sea, the trees and creatures, yet you depend on them to feed your insatiable appetite for consumption. Aside from this, your kind could not survive without them.

You think you are the most intelligent species, yet you are the only species who inflicts your own illness and premature death through your deplorable gluttony. You foolishly desire a beauty and social acceptance that doesn’t even exist and you don’t care who you destroy to get there.

So whilst it is true that your potential is great, your obsession with money, power and greed makes you reckless, weak and sick.

I assigned you role of protector, you are failing.

When your role is no longer useful, when it is more harmful than it is helpful, I will inflict sickness, fires and floods; storms, earthquakes and fear in an attempt to make you see sense.

I am forgiving, I am loving. You have made me tired, you have made me weak and now you think you are experiencing my retaliation. Humans, you can take full responsibility for this pandemic.

Whilst you’re sick, I am getting better. Whilst you’re in hiding, I am flourishing. I am strong, don’t make me angry.

I am your mother, I am in charge.

I give you life, I can take it away!

Mother Nature

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