A bird sitting on a tree isn’t afraid of the branch breaking, because her trust is not on the branch but on her own wings, always believe in yourself.

  • Forgiveness.

    25th Oct 2020 by

    “Forgiveness is to set a prisoner free, and to discover that prisoner was you” – Lewis B. Smedes. One of the burdens people carry is the inability to forgive those who have hurt them, there are three ways people react to this; The first is the Reactor; this is the obvious relationship break down, there… Read more

  • The Power of the Right Relationship

    4th Nov 2019 by

    A friend of mine recently shared a very inspiring post about the power of self-love, she had spent years battling with who she was and changing this to please the people she was spending time with; she wrote that it was only when she made friends with herself and started to put herself first that… Read more

  • Please, no more war!

    3rd May 2022 by

    I recently had a conversation with a very wise man about the war in Ukraine and how so many of us feel helpless. I asked what more I could do to help. His answer was so beautiful, I wrote it down; There is so much you can do in your life to help to make… Read more

  • Taking your Power back in the New Year

    23rd Dec 2021 by

    I love to learn, and as I’m getting older, I realise that every circumstance has a lesson, and the most challenging times seem to teach the greatest lessons. So I guess I’m learning to appreciate the challenging times.. but I still moan about them. 2021 has been a year full of lessons. I Iearnt the… Read more

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